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    Transforming Canadian Elections

    1. GreenPAC's existing mandate
      • Identify qualified environmental candidates based on their record
      • Green mandate provides rationale for the initiative
      • Green mandate attracts the right people who can contribute
      • Directed Donations to candidates
    1. Expanding GreenPAC's mandate - Why?
      • Why? Can Canada endure another Harper government?
        • 30 years of environmental legislation recinded
        • It is our duty. No opportunity must be left undeveloped
        • Harper's cabinet is bleeding talent eg. Baird not running for re-election
        • Harper's defeat is far from certain. Not even in the likely category. Only "possible".
      • Urban Swing ridings heavily Conservative - eg. Don Valley West
      • Many allies available
      • GreenPAC is non-partisan
      • broad support from Canadians
        • Environmental movement
        • Labour movement - Unifor CUPE
        • Science community
      • International support - implied in GreenPAC's mission
        • International money eg WWF
        • not candidate specific support
      • Existing election laws do not appear to limit funding a multi-party election initiative
        • seek expert legal opinion
    1. GreenPAC's expanded mandate
    - What will it look like?
    Over the long term....

    GreenPAC Information Resource

    1. Accept postal codes only of members, contacts from the entire ROG movement
      • GeenPAC contacts
      • voteswap
      • environmental NGO's
      • unions
      • labour movement
      • Red/Orange/Green (ROG) confirmed voters & volunteers, Postal Codes only from individual campaigns.
    1. Approved candidates use treemaps to identify ineffective votes
    1. use GreenPAC information base to locate members/supporters close to polls rich in ineffective votes
    1. make request to agency owning the contact
    1. information/training kit sent out to local poll contact
    1. information table set up on the block with ineffective votes
    1. general public in that poll is encouraged to go to a swap site and swap their vote
    1. log/catalog swapped votes
    1. create buzz, word of mouth movement to trade votes.


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