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This ia a page of project leads that came up in conversations with Dan King. The links lead to technical sketches, and in some cases working prototypes, I have made. Non-project related items:

Alternate project status

Customer in Sight Our status How much more work to get to market
Data Cleanup1 Chris Kim + many othersready 0% - make a business card describing cleanup work - suggestions?
Auto documentation none yet no fair bit
CDSP Pace, Meridian, carpet/deposit brokers 3/4 done 50%
Big Data none - Gallop no product to show - We have an idea only tons
Sugar CRM none do not understand Sugar 95%
Kx & Barranda none can do strategic planning open doors, maybe - fed govt contracts + a team
Kx & Affinity & Electrical grid IESO + Affinity - others unnamed scratching the surface - lack fundamental understanding - Sam could help 99%
more projects?

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