Randy MacDonald
152 Crocket Street / Fredericton, NB / E3A 4H3 / (506) 452-2817
Email: arraymac@rogers.com

Career Objective

A position in software development and support.

Highlights / Qualifications

Relevant Skills & Experience

Technical Skills

Languages:APL, J
Markup Languages:HTML, XML, RSS
API's:Win32 SDK
Methodologies:Test-Driven Development, Extreme Programming (for
one), object-oriented programming
Operating Systems:MS DOS, MS Windows (3.0 - XP), Linux
Databases:ODBC, proprietary
Network Protocols:TCP/IP, HTTP, EDI, Sabre, SHARES
Tools:APL+DOS, APL+Win, J

Data Management / Programming

Researching / Analyzing

  • (c. 1990) Developed various reports drawn from detailed auction records of a tobacco marketing board, which were on the order of a thousand transactions per day for every day the board held auctions over a 2-3 month period. This allowed buyers to optimize their purchases.
  • (1983) Designed programs used to support academic research in various studies including water pumping systems and inventory control systems that used the concept of "service level."
  • (1982) Developed simulation programs based on mathematical analysis to support physicians in determining scheduling strategies for patients.

    Trouble Shooting / Problem Solving

  • (1985-2004) Handled client calls for program support. Was primary support person. Screened calls and made technical assessments of problems; following clients through to problem resolution. Client systems were updated weekly at first, daily later on with the advent of reliable remote control platforms.
  • (1985-2004) Developed common code which supported the various custom applications. Common areas were in: database support, printing support, and user interface support.

    APL Development before, and since ,2005

    APL for personal projects

  • I built, ca. 2005, a "blog" to email gateway for syndicated websites, so I could follow the postings, prior to RSS becoming something that mainstream email clients, like Outlook or Thunderbird, would support. I built a wrapper around some Perl scripts which did the actual mailing out, and used APL to transplant the pages, or rewrite so the relative links in the HTML would still properly refer to resources on the pages' host site.
  • I have been using APL, and J as well, as an aid to solving problems on the projecteuler.net site, something I've been doing since 2004, having solved 127 of the problems.

    Employment Profile

    Aug 2005 Oct 2005 Developer BIDS: Tendering Publications, Fredericton, NB
    May 1985-Sep 2004 Applications ManagerGodin London Incorporated
    London, ON
    1983-1985 Research AssistantUniversity of Western Ontario
    School of Business London, ON
    Summers 1981, 1982 Research Assistant Department of Labour and Manpower, Government of New Brunswick


    B.Sc. (Honours Math) The University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB

    Awards & Achievements

  • 1982 First Place Individual Atlantic Universities Undergraduate Programming Competition
  • 1981, 1982 Second Place Team Atlantic Universities Undergraduate Mathematics Competitions

    Community Involvement

  • 2001 Canada Summer Games created data base for performing arts
  • Pillar Voluntary Sector Network I.T. Support June 2005 July 2005

    References Available Upon Request