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    Hi Tabatha!

    I am looking for work as an APL developer.

  • My résumé is here
  • email me here.
  • What I bring to the table as an APL developer.
  • A claim for 130 lines of Javascript, here. I suspect it's 10 lines of APL. Explored here
  • Some APL functions I have developed, requests appreciated.
  • Collaborations with Dan King
    DaedTech: post Google+
    Callus_CA Callus_CA temporary
    Test of <embed>:

  • Restaurant review blog.
  • Fredericton Monday Night Film Series

    FarmVille: Tree harvest payouts
    SVG tests: some browsers pass, others, no.
    Test of SVG Bezier curves
    SVG test file is here.
    Trying iframe: [ ]
    Trying .svg file
    SVG[ ]
    SVG2[ ]
    SVG3[ ]